Have your say

Speakers’ Corner Lichfield is all about giving local people (and visitors) a chance to have their say! So, have you got a burning issue you would like to tell other people about? Would you like to start a public debate and kick off the conversation? What better place to have your say, than at Speakers’ Corner Lichfield?

Why not raise the profile of your issues, with these handy hints and tips:

  • Send out a press release to the local papers and news blogs
  • Invite friends and colleagues to come and listen
  • Let us know about your planned speech, and we’ll post details to our facebook page
  • Contact the Speakers’ Corner Commitee (via our facebook page) if you’d like to host a formal event at Speakers’ Corner Lichfield

Above all, express yourself, have your say, and make your say count.


1 thought on “Have your say”

  1. Hi. I’m Mr Bashful in Australia, just letting you know we have a sister blog for our Speakers’ Corner. If you’re interested in having a look:

    Good luck with your Speakers’ Corner! May it last for as long as Lichfield!
    Mr. B.

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