Lichfield’s Speakers’ Corner, which was launched in 2008, has undergone a stylish transformation as part of the Lichfield Historic Parks Project, and the founding committee is calling for passionate people to speak out at the city’s newest landmark.

Canon Pete Wilcox, Chairman of the Lichfield Speakers’ Corner Committee explained: “As well as a beautifully inscribed stone pedestal, the area now boasts a newly walled listening area, and a speaker’s rail. Not only does the new Speakers’ Corner enhance one of the most beautiful areas of our city, it also creates a fantastic platform on which to have your say. We would like to thank Lichfield city and district councils for helping us to improve the look of the area, as part of the Historic Parks Project.”

Since its launch three years ago, Lichfield Speakers’ Corner has gone from strength to strength, and hosted a number of popular events including pre-election hustings, musical and literary performances, Fairtrade celebrations and a variety of presentations and debates on a wide range of contemporary issues which affect the public.

John Brough, former headteacher of the Friary School, and member of the founding committee commented: “Lichfield can be proud that it has the most attractive Speakers’ Corner in the country. I’ve been really pleased to speak up on the corner and I’d encourage others to join in and get involved. I’m looking forward to seeing our newly styled Speakers’ Corner becoming well used by local people, and perhaps as famous as London’s Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner! For as our very own Dr Johnson so rightly reminded us: ‘In order that all men may be taught to speak the truth, it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it’.”

Speakers’ Corner is a platform for people to exercise their precious right to freedom of speech. The platform is there quite simply for any individual or group of people of all ages to express their views on any topic at any reasonable time, or maybe to air their musical and literary talents. John Brough concluded: “Speakers’ Corner is yours – it belongs to you and it belongs to the city – let’s use it and let’s hear you!”

For more information, please contact Lichfield Speakers’ Corner Founding Committee, Chair Canon Pete Wilcox, Lichfield Cathedral, on 01543 306100.